The T Trails are a set of trails that run from near the top of Pitch Hill all the way back to Walking Bottom car park.

A newly built final section of trail has been built to divert riders from going past the graveyard. This piece of trail zig-zags down the side of the hill and is great fun with a number of berms and tables ending up at the top of Walking Bottom car park .

T1.5 aka Fork Right has also recently been renovated. This trail branches off to the right near the start of T1.

You can also miss out T1 and instead start from "Rad Lane"/"Proper Bo" re-joining at the start of T2 for a great fun run all the way back to the car park. Go further back and start from Rollercoaster for an even longer run!



T1.5 aka Fork Right

T2-5 aka Church Run

New Final Section

Rad Lane/Proper Bo to Car Park

Rollercoaster to Car Park