Surrey Hills mountain bike trails are a loose network of trails across the North Downs, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill, Pitch Hill and Winterfold. The trails can be linked up to form loops or sessioned individually.

Each page below gives some brief detail on the area, including access rights, and links to more details for each of the key official MTB trails, including a description, map and Strava segment link.

There is only one waymarked trail (on Leith Hill), so you will probably need a GPS (or an actual map if you're old school), go with a group ride/someone who knows their way or just wing it and follow/ask people where to go!

The vast majority of trails are not officially sanctioned, so they are not included on this site - you will need to explore to find them but there are a lot more than we list here.

If you are more interested in cross country (XC) type riding, there are plenty of bridleways across the whole area, NCN22 and some waymarked XC trails in West Surrey that are part of the Cycle Surrey Hills project.