The Summer Lightning trail on Leith Hill is the only waymarked trail in the area. It combines the original trail (now the end part of the full trail) with some new trail sections, finished in early 2014, that provide a link from the Tower all the way to the original creating a trail that is over 3.5km in length. A relatively new addition is a waymarked loop back up to the tower

The trail starts near the Tower at the top of Leith Hill and starts with a great fun swoopy, bermy, jumpy descent down the steep side.

At the bottom, take the track up to the right and then cut off to the right onto the next section which roughly follows the original “moonbase” trail. This section is all surfaced single track with some pedal bits and some dips.

At the end of this section, carry on down the track past the cricket pitch on your left and then take a left into the next section through what was originally known as Cousin Vinnie’s Strange Garden. This section has lots of dippers and a big step-up towards the end if you see it and have the skills!

At the end of this section, the surfaced trail ends and you’re in for a rude surprise as you rejoin a natural, rooty, off-camber descent to join one of the original Redlands Trails trails called Waggledance. This spits you out onto a clearing in Wolverns Lane.

From here, take a left and then a right to join the original Summer Lightning for a great blast, including some quite rocky sections!

At the end, follow the trail straight on downhill for some following bridleway through the woods turning left into an area that has been felled for a great view back up to the tower in the distant tree line. Then it's a blast downhill to Broadmoor before starting the climb back up to the tower.

As an alternative to turning left and looping back up to the tower, continue on the trail running parallel with Wolverns Lane all the way back down to Wotton exiting near the Wooton Hatch pub or take the Rookery descent back down to Westcott.