Probably the most famous trail in the area, this is one you’ll never get bored of riding! I’ve been riding this for years and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Tight, technical in places, flowing single track that weaves along the side of Holmbury Hill, BKB starts off at the top of Radnor Road, opposite the reservoir. From there, you make your way across to the side of the hill via a couple of dips and rooty corners and then you’re onto the good stuff. Look out for dips, berms, small steps you can hop off and bumps you can hit for nice air. Keep an eye on what’s coming up though else you could put yourself in trouble with the speed you can gain! The end of BKB was remodelled in late 2009 and is now a superb flowing piece of trail with huge bermed corners…awesome stuff. At the bottom, you can either turn right and take the bridleway back up to the top for another go on BKB, or exit straight ahead onto the road. Take a left, then right up a killer slope onto Pitch Hill or just turn right to head back into Peaslake. The only downside to BKB is that’s it’s become so well known, that it can get busy(ish) at peak times.

Also known as “Golden Birdies”.